Message of Condolences to HM The Queen and The Royal Family for the sad loss of Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh

Message of Condolence

London, United Kingdom, 10 April 2021.  Today we join HM The Queen and the Royal Family to mourn the sad loss of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

VIMB’s Chief Executive, James Elcocke-Harris in his capacity as Honorary Consul for Vanuatu to the United Kingdom had this to say,

“Our Prime Minister, Hon Bob Loughman MP has communicated a message on behalf of all Ni-Vanuatu people, offering his deepest and heartfelt condolences to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, the Royal Family and the entire British Nation on the extremely sad news of the passing of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh.

Prince Philip’s connection with Vanuatu stretches back decades, and his legacy will live on through his association with the Island of Tanna where he is a greatly revered figure amongst the people of Yaohnanen.

The extraordinary media interest in Vanuatu that has been generated by this unique relationship is testament to the distinctive nature of our country, its people and culture.

Vanuatu is in the process of establishing its first Consulate in London which is to serve as a platform for reaffirming our shared and mutual interests with the United Kingdom, and for strengthening the ties which stem both from our important historical links, and our membership of the Commonwealth of Nations.

It is sad that we did not have the opportunity to invite The Duke of Edinburgh to visit our newly established Consulate, but the bond between Vanuatu and the United Kingdom is greatly enhanced by the legacy of his revered status, providing us with an enduring reference point and reminder of our close relationship”.


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