You are currently viewing VIMB announcement of cooperation with AI Powered Travel Assistant,

VIMB announcement of cooperation with AI Powered Travel Assistant,

In efforts to innovate and to promote Vanuatu as a tourism destination, Vanuatu Investment Migration Bureau (VIMB), through its Dubai office, has announced collaboration with the well-known site This website works with artificial intelligence (AI) and provides an online assistant that helps users with their travel experiences. 

It is the first time that Vanuatu has included the use of artificial intelligence as a part of a marketing strategy. James Elcocke-HarrisVIMB Chief Executive, expressed that this partnership is a way to provide a better service for VIMB’s clients and to facilitate them the process of finding flights and accommodations to, and in the country. 

The implementation of an assistant with artificial intelligence could be very beneficial because it would provide users with accurate answers and solutions to their problems within seconds making enjoyable and easier the planning process.  

He also stated that one of the reasons why it was decided to cooperate with was their close-knit relationship with the Emirates Group and the Dubai Tourism meaning that Vanuatu could be highlighted as a holiday destination to millions of people who are already looking for a place to travel.  

The co-founder and CEO of expressed that his collaboration with VIMB brings light to the fact that his company is capable to providing assistance to even the most distant places in the world. He said that he is well aware of what an attractive touristic destination Vanuatu is considering not only the magnificent landscapes, but also the fact that it is one of the very few countries worldwide that has remained Covid-Free. 

The objective of this collaboration is to make it easy and accessible for users of the platform to plan a trip to Vanuatu. This is a country that is made up of 83 islands, it’s the perfect place for a get-away and it’s eco-friendly. 

The company representing Vanuatu in this agreement is VIMB, a designated agent to promote the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program. 

The promotion will take place on which is a website that has over four million users from all over the world. It’s chat function with an AI powered assistant collects information from other leading travel sites, compares prices and options and show users the offers that are in the users’ best interest.  

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