Forging Ahead Together: EU and Vanuatu Commit to Enhanced Cooperation on Economic Security, Climate Action, and Regional Stability

Forging Ahead Together: EU and Vanuatu Commit to Enhanced Cooperation on Economic Security, Climate Action, and Regional Stability

The European Union (EU) and Vanuatu are enhancing their robust partnership with a focus on critical areas such as economic security, climate change, biodiversity loss, and regional security. This commitment was furthered during a recent Political Dialogue meeting, where the parties shared key updates and reiterated their allegiance to a rules-based international order.

During the dialogue, the EU outlined its primary objectives, including a focus on economic security and promoting a green and resilient transition. Both parties also reinforced the importance of implementing the COP28 Dubai Consensus and progressing towards COP29. They highlighted the necessity of establishing a new post-2025 climate finance goal and acknowledged the urgent need to activate the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework.

Looking ahead, the EU and Vanuatu expressed anticipation for the enactment of the Samoa Agreement. This framework facilitates collaboration in various sectors such as economy, environment, poverty alleviation, peace and security, democracy, and political stability. The agreement also proposes a regular and systematic partnership dialogue to ensure continuous exchange of information, enhancement of mutual understanding, and development of agreed priorities and shared objectives.

Further discussions during the meeting addressed the potential benefits of the interim Economic Partnership Agreement (iEPA), emphasizing its role in boosting Vanuatu’s trade relations with the EU. Vanuatu assured its intention to request accession to the EPA, with the EU confirming its support for this move.

The dialogue also covered shared priorities including improvements in taxation, financial governance, and the battle against money laundering and terrorism financing. Both parties are committed to enhancing regional fisheries management and tackling Illegal, Unreported and Unregulated (IUU) fishing, which poses a significant threat to marine biodiversity and economic stability.

The meeting was effectively co-chaired by Ms. Cherol Ala Ianna, Director General of the Prime Minister´s Office of Vanuatu, and Mr. Niclas Kvarnström, Managing Director Asia and Pacific for the European External Action Service.



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