Starlink Registers Trademark in Vanuatu

Starlink Registers Trademark in Vanuatu

Starlink, the satellite internet service provider founded by Elon Musk’s SpaceX, has recently made an important milestone in its expansion plans. The Vanuatu Intellectual Property Office (VanIPO) has confirmed that Starlink has successfully registered its trademark in Vanuatu, a beautiful island nation in the South Pacific. This development brings Starlink one step closer to obtaining its broadcasting license and officially operating in Vanuatu.

Legal Formalities and Government Agencies

To comply with all relevant laws and regulations of the country, Starlink is now in contact with various government agencies in Vanuatu. These agencies include the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC), Vanuatu Foreign Investment Promotion Authority (VFIPA), and the Department of Customs and Inland Revenue (DCIR). By engaging with these agencies, Starlink aims to fulfill all the necessary legal formalities required for its operations in Vanuatu.

Benefits of Starlink in Vanuatu

Interestingly, even before obtaining approval to operate and registering its trademark, Starlink’s services have already gained popularity among the people of Vanuatu. The reason for this lies in the remarkable speed and smoothness of web browsing that Starlink offers. Vanuatu residents who are already using Starlink experience accelerated rates of internet access, allowing them to enjoy faster website loading times, stream high-definition content, and use applications with minimal lag time. This is particularly beneficial for those living in rural areas who often struggle with limited access to high-speed internet. Starlink’s services provide them with an opportunity to fully leverage the benefits of the internet.

Collaboration with Regulatory Authorities

While Starlink’s services have been embraced by the people of Vanuatu, the company is now working closely with the Telecommunications Radio Communications and Broadcasting Regulator (TRBR) and the Department of Customs to ensure compliance with local regulations. A few individuals have already alerted the TRBR about their usage of Starlink, prompting customs officials to thoroughly inspect all incoming equipment. The TRBR has issued a warning that any Starlink equipment brought into the country without a license will be confiscated until the necessary approvals are obtained.

Starlink’s Confusion and Emergency Response

Interestingly, Starlink has expressed surprise at the situation and claims to have no knowledge of how or why people are bringing their devices to Vanuatu. They speculate that individuals may have acquired the devices from either New Zealand or Australia and transported them to Vanuatu. Additionally, it is worth noting that Starlink has actively contributed to emergency response efforts in Vanuatu. Following the aftermath of cyclones Kevin and Judy, the company loaned satellite connectivity terminals to the government of Vanuatu. These terminals were used to facilitate communication in the emergency response, providing vital connectivity during critical times.

The Licensing Process

To shed light on the licensing process for telecommunications companies in Vanuatu, it is essential to understand the regulations enforced by the TRBR. While the TRBR is not legally mandated to restrict or block international companies like Starlink from entering Vanuatu’s market, any telecom company interested in operating in Vanuatu must obtain a telecom license from the TRBR office. This license can only be granted if the company completes the registration process for a business license and obtains certifications from the VFIPA, VFSC, and DCIR. The TRBR office is not obligated by law to set a deadline for Starlink to complete its registration or provide updates on the company’s progress with other government agencies.

The Future of Starlink in Vanuatu

The timing of Starlink’s broadcasting license from the TRBR largely depends on the company’s successful registration with the VFIPA, VFSC, and DCIR. As Starlink continues to work diligently with these government agencies, it is anticipated that the process will proceed smoothly, allowing Starlink to obtain the necessary licenses and operate officially in Vanuatu. The people of Vanuatu eagerly anticipate the benefits of Starlink’s high-speed satellite internet service, which will bring them closer to the digital world and unlock numerous opportunities for growth and development.

Starlink’s trademark registration in Vanuatu marks a significant step towards the company’s official operation in the country. The popularity of Starlink’s services among the people of Vanuatu highlights the pressing need for reliable and high-speed internet connectivity in remote areas. While Starlink is navigating the legal and regulatory requirements, collaborations with government agencies and adherence to local laws will pave the way for its successful licensing and official operations. With Starlink’s arrival, the people of Vanuatu can look forward to enhanced internet experiences and improved access to the digital world.



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