Vanuatu and Australia Strengthen Ties with Pacific Engagement Visa Initiative

Vanuatu and Australia have agreed to allow nationals of Pacific Island Countries to migrate to Australia as permanent residents each year through the Pacific Engagement Visa initiative. The Australian government plans to launch this program in July, to strengthen people-to-people links between Australia and its Pacific Family.

To be granted a visa, applicants must be between 18 and 45 years old, have a formal offer for a full-time job in Australia, and meet primary English language, health, and character requirements. The program will provide fair and transparent access to the visa, with applicants registering themselves, their partners, and dependent children on a ballot.

Prime Minister Ishmael Kalsakau believes that the Pacific Engagement Visa will enhance the people-to-people link between Vanuatu and Australia. He noted that the initiative will enable families to migrate to Australia and reduce the social difficulties faced by Ni-Vanuatu people already residing in Australia.

The Australian government has also assured Vanuatu that it will monitor employers to ensure they treat Ni-Vanuatu workers well. Over 10,000 Ni-Vanuatu people are currently engaged in the Pacific Australia Labour Mobility Scheme in Australia. Vanuatu sends more workers to Australia and New Zealand for seasonal work than any other Pacific island country.

This initiative aims to encourage greater cultural, business, and educational exchange between Australia and its Pacific neighbors. By strengthening ties between countries, the program hopes to foster a better understanding of the unique challenges facing Pacific Island Countries and promote sustainable development in the region.

the Pacific Engagement Visa is a step towards strengthening the bond between Vanuatu and Australia. It will provide opportunities for Ni-Vanuatu people to migrate to Australia, enhance people-to-people links, and promote sustainable development in the Pacific.



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