Vanuatu Prepares for Another Cyclone After TC Judy Ravages the Island

Vanuatu, an island nation located in the South Pacific, is currently facing a catastrophic weather event. Just one day after being battered by Tropical Cyclone Judy, the country is bracing itself for another cyclone, Tropical Cyclone Kevin. With the possibility of developing into a category 3 system, Vanuatu is likely to experience strong gale force winds, heavy rainfall, and rough swells.

As a result of TC Judy, over 400 people on the island of Efate have been evacuated to four different evacuation centers. The island’s residents have been advised to follow the National Disaster Management Office’s warnings and move quickly to a safe house or an evacuation center before the red alert. It is essential to be responsive to these warnings and stay safe during the cyclone.

Unfortunately, almost half of all the 50 solar street lights that the SHEFA Provincial Government Council installed in 2021 have been destroyed in TC Judy. The streetlights were imported from China with the assistance of an Australian consultant, and they were installed to cater to night activities and programs coordinated by each of the communities.

The severe weather has triggered the suspension of both domestic and international flights, and essential services like banks will be temporarily closed. Disruptions to electricity and telecommunication services are possible, and the government workers will resume work once the situation is declared all clear.

The government is yet to assess the widespread damage caused by TC Judy, and with TC Kevin on its way, the island nation needs all the help it can get.


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