Vanuatu’s Citizenship by Investment Program Faces Visa Restrictions from the UK

Vanuatu’s Citizenship by Investment Program Faces Visa Restrictions from the UK

Vanuatu’s Foreign Affairs Minister, Jotham Napat, has expressed his deep disappointment with the recent decision made by the British government to revoke Vanuatu’s visa-free access. This move comes as a result of concerns surrounding Vanuatu’s Citizenship by Investment Program, through which individuals can obtain Vanuatu citizenship by making a substantial investment in the country.

The British government’s decision has raised eyebrows and prompted Minister Napat to seek clarification from the British High Commissioner, Nicolette Brent, during a meeting in Port Vila. The Minister stated that Vanuatu has been actively working on implementing necessary reforms to the citizenship program to meet the European Union’s requirements.

The decision to temporarily suspend visa exemptions for Vanuatu citizens has potential implications for the country’s economic development. Minister Napat questioned the UK’s commitment to Vanuatu’s development agenda, stating that it goes against the spirit of friendship and partnership that has historically bound the two countries together. He also expressed concerns about the lack of opportunities for negotiation and dialogue between the governments.

In response to the UK government’s decision, the Vanuatu government will thoroughly analyze its implications and develop a comprehensive response. They aim to address this national issue in a manner that protects the long-term interests of Vanuatu’s citizens, particularly as the country continues to recover from the devastating impacts of two cyclones this year.

It remains to be seen how this decision will shape the future of Vanuatu’s Citizenship by Investment Program and its relationship with the UK and the EU. The developments warrant close attention, as they may have broader implications for citizenship programs worldwide.

However, the government of Vanuatu remains confident that the issues it is currently facing will be overcome, leading to a reinstatement the visa-free access in the future.



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