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The Bahamas of the South Pacific:

Vanuatu is America’s latest Plan-B Obsession

(only better)

Discover why this exclusive new Citizenship-By-Investment opportunity to the remote tropical island nation of Vanuatu is making waves with wealthy American families and find out if your family could seize one of the limited 600 places.

Secure your family future with international options and cross-border freedom​​

Ability to register international businesses & operate in a tax free environment​

Dependable and robust Plan B in remote Southern Hemisphere​

Additional passport for travel & mobility in the event of issues with your primary passport​

Unlock wealth diversification & offshore asset preservation opportunities​

Access to Commonwealth citizen rights, consulates and embassies

Resilience planning has become more critical than ever.

You only need to turn to recent headlines to see Forbes listers in “full-swing preparation mode” building luxury bunkers, acquiring property on remote islands and diversifying their family mobility strategies. Mark Zuckerberg’s recently public $100M Hawaii estate is only the latest in a line of American’s including Frank VanderSloot, Peter Thiel and Sam Altman who are all making serious plan b moves this year.

Due to its strategically remote location, pristine untouched natural resources and favourable treatment of foreign investors, Vanuatu has risen to the top of the heap in options for acquiring a second (or third) passport. Peaceful, crimefree and tax-friendly Vanuatu offers a genuine “safe-haven” for family members to call their plan b home or to sit in their back-pocket as a “just in case” option.

With this in mind, working closely with the Vanuatu Government, we have launched a built-for-purpose Investment-Linked Vanuatu Citizenship program called the CNO Future Fund. Constructed exclusively for business people and HNWIs to secure one of the limited 600 places available for themselves and their families that will be released strategically over the next 5 years.

“The Vanuatu citizenship-by-investment programme is the only program of its type operating in the Asia Pacific region.”

Prefer speaking with a human over automated emails?

Prefer speaking with a human over automated emails?

Connect with Lyndon, our resident citizenship and plan b expert who has been in Vanuatu since 2008, to have all your questions answered.

CNO Future Fund At A Glance

About This Unique & Limited Opportunity

A New and Better Approach to Citizenship by Investment

While Vanuatu has been called “The Bahamas of the Pacific” and has been popular for some time as a second citizenship option, previous iterations of the Citizenship By Investment programs have been confusing and current Citizenship By Donation options are needlessly expensive and often peddled as investments when they are actually in fact, donations.

Introducing the CNO Future Fund: Investment-Linked Vanuatu Citizenship

The CNO Future Fund was born out of the need to clear-up the options for Citizenship in Vanuatu while bringing it into line with other programs globally. The CNO Future Fund is strictly limited to 600 places and is truly unique in both its value and approach, pairing your investment with sustainable development opportunity within the country.

The overall objective of the CNO Future Fund is to establish a meaningful and effective link between Vanuatu’s sustainable development objectives, its commitment to 100% renewable electricity generation and the funds generated by Vanuatu’s CIIP Citizenship By Investment program.

The focus of the new program is on value-adding in the coconut/copra industry to create coconut oil, which will then be used to replace 100% of the diesel used in the production of electricity in Vanuatu. This focus aligns with Vanuatu’s Net Zero 2030 targets and the government’s strategic plan which is one of the world’s most ambitious climate policies, committing to 100% renewable energy in electricity generation by 2030.

  • Invest directly into the promising Coconut Oil (CNO) sector
  • Support Vanuatu’s 2030 Carbon Net Zero Goals
  • Stimulate local economy and job creation

*Full investment terms and conditions available in CNO Future Fund Prospectus

*Full investment terms and conditions available in CNO Future Fund Prospectus

🇻🇺 About Vanuatu

Vanuatu is a beautiful, remote, tropical paradise. It is known not only for its great location and climate, but It’s also renowned for its kind and happy people. In fact, it is consistently ranked amongst the “Happiest Countries on the Planet”.

In a world gripped by crisis and uncertainty, Vanuatu remains as a “South Pacific pearl”. Far removed from the world’s trouble-spots, Vanuatu still enjoys convenient connectivity through Australia, New Zealand and Fiji and so remains easily accessible.

In the heart of Vanuatu, you’ll find a natural haven supporting a community of roughly 300,000 individuals, immersed in an environment blessed with remarkably pure air, water, and food—resources destined to become prized assets in the years ahead. Although English, French, and Bislama stand as official languages, the real charm lies in Vanuatu’s claim to fame—the highest density of languages per capita globally, with over 100 native languages and dialects spoken throughout its enchanting islands.

With resilience planning more critical than ever, peaceful, crimefree and tax-friendly Vanuatu offers a genuine “safe-haven” for family members to call home.

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Easy of Doing Business


Crime Free


About Us

Vanuatu Investment Marketing Bureau

Headquartered in Port Vila, Vanuatu; Vanuatu Investment Marketing Bureau (VIMB) operates a global network spanning London, Dubai and Singapore through which it creates and encourages initiatives in support of Vanuatu’s economic and social development.

VIMB works closely with both the government and private sector in Vanuatu, to represent the country and facilitate outreach through its international offices.

VIMB is also licensed as a Vanuatu Government Designated Agent and through the same global network of representatives and offices promotes Vanuatu Citizenship under the CIIP.

VIMB acts as:

  • An administrative resource for supporting the Citizenship application process.
  • A resource for exploring investment opportunities in Vanuatu, and bi-lateral trade.
  • An information resource for tourism, property investment and travel-related enquiries.
  • A link to provide seamless communication between Vanuatu and global key geographical centers.
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Citizenship By Investment Application Process

Receive Your Passport in as Little as 2 MONTHS

This stage is carried out by the Vanuatu “Financial Intelligence Unit” (FIU), Immigration Department and Interpol leading to the issue of 3 letters of clearance for Citizenship, subject to completing the remaining document and process formalities.

The Due Diligence process is relatively fast – normally seven to ten days depending on the level of background checks deemed necessary.

A Due Diligence Fee of USD 8,000 (including administration fee) is submitted with the Stage One documents. However, this fee is only taken once a high degree of confidence has been established by VIMB (in consultation with the applicant) that the Due Diligence process will be successfully completed.

Upon written confirmation of no adverse findings by the FIU, Immigration Department and Interpol the applicant submits a completed application form along with all relevant documents (as detailed in the document check list) together with the application payment.

The Citizenship Fees and minimum investment amount are mandated by the Government and paid via a Government Designated Agent such as VIMB.

Application fees and the investment amount are fully refundable should for any reason the Citizenship not complete, as long as 100% of the due amount is paid at time of submission of all documents to the Citizenship Commission.

The Citizenship Commission Committee sits twice a month during which applications are considered over a one day sitting.

Following receipt of written confirmation of Citizenship, the final step is the attendance at an Oath-Swearing Ceremony, where the new Citizen receives their Certificate of Vanuatu Citizenship as well as their new Vanuatu Passport (where the Ceremony is in person).

Once citizenship is granted your share subscription will be processed and you will be issued redeemable preference shares in CNO Future Fund Limited under your newly incorporated Vanuatu International Company (IC).

The share certificate will be couriered to you along with your Citizen Certificate/s and passport/s.

Application Fees

Benefits of a Second Passport

List of Visa Free or Visa On Arrival Countries for Vanuatu Citizens & Passport Holders

Asterisk mark (*): visa-free subject to temporary suspension

Frequently Asked Questions

The Vanuatu government has utilized existing framework legislation to frame the CIIP. The CIIP is founded on section 13C of the Citizenship Act [CAP 1121]. The CIIP in its current form was formally instituted through the Citizenship (Capital Investment Immigration Plan) Regulation Order No. 8 of 2023, on January 30, 2023. Copies of the relevant legislation can be found on the VIMB website at

The CNO Future Fund is structured and regulated under the Ordinances of the Vanuatu Financial Services Commission (VFSC). The Fund was established as a Vanuatu Limited Company on 15 June 2023 and became a Public Company on 7 September 2023. Investors who take Vanuatu Citizenship through the CIIP – CNO Future Fund route will become subscribers to and shareholders in the CNO Future Fund and will be issued with share certificates to formalise and record their holdings.

The CIIP creates the opportunity for investment-linked Vanuatu Citizenship, with investment allowed into specified sectors that are key to the economic development of Vanuatu. The CNO Future Fund, targets one of these named sectors – the “Productive Sector – Value-adding” and has been sanctioned for inclusion under Official Gazette No. 22, via the Citizenship (Capital Investment Immigration Plan) [AMENDMENT] Order No. 93 of 2023, dated June 27, 2023.

The CNO Future Fund serves as the conduit through which CIIP applicants can direct their investments into the “Productive Sector (Value Added)” sector.

Scaling up of coconut oil production to achieve National Energy Road Map (NERM) targets of renewable energy supply are essential for Vanuatu to meet its ambitious 2030 Carbon Net Zero commitments. Coconut oil is a locally available, secure and clean renewable energy source – but most coconut oil currently goes to the export market. Vanuatu’s coconut oil industry must undergo a substantial ramp up in production to create a supply of coconut oil to substitute for diesel in electricity generation. This presents a substantial investment opportunity. Contact us for more information.

Vanuatu Investment Marketing Bureau (VIMB) has been appointed by the government as its Designated Agent for the CIIP – CNO Future Fund Program. A copy of VIMB’s official appointment can be found on VIMB’s website. VIMB is permitted to appoint and authorize sub-agents to represent and market the CIIP – CNO Future Fund. All sub-agents will hold a letter of authorization from VIMB and the Vanuatu Citizenship Commission.

The CIIP – CNO Future Fund is an investment-linked citizenship program to complement the existing citizenship by donation program launched in 2017 called the Development Support Program (DSP). The CIIP and DSP application processes are identical, but the CIIP includes an investment component that offers financial returns and an encashment opportunity after five years.

The CIIP benefits from greater transparency in the application of citizenship application fees by creating a direct investment into Vanuatu’s domestic economy.

VIMB is the sole Government appointed agent for the CIIP – CNO Future Fund, backed by a strong international marketing and client advisor team. The Program has received approval from the Citizenship Commission and has been endorsed by the Minister of Finance.

The CNO Future Fund will make strategic investments into the abundant opportunities that exist and have been identified in Vanuatu’s Copra/Coconut Oil sector. The redeemable preferences shares are geared for modest capital appreciation which can be redeemed after being held for five years. The redemption process is detailed in the prospectus which is available on the VIMB website. The redemptions themselves will be funded by capital reserves of the company which will be sourced from either retained profits, partial or full sale of assets or SPVs owned by the fund. Prospective future equity partners who will take positions in the fund as redeemable preference share holders have already been identified.

The Fund is administered and operated to international standards by industry professionals. Fund structure, governance, objectives and operation are detailed in the CNO Future Fund Prospectus – contact us to learn more.

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Vanuatu Investment & Migration Bureau

“The Vanuatu Development Support Program (DSP) is a Citizenship by investment (CBI) program offering a path to global freedom of travel, enhanced personal security and opportunity to be a full Citizen of one of the World’s most desirable tropical island destinations.

One of the most sought-after CBI Programs in the world, the Vanuatu DSP is marketed globally by the Vanuatu Investment & Migration Bureau (VIMB) in its capacity as a Vanuatu Government appointed, official Program representative. No third-party agent involvement means direct processing and transparency, including lowest permissible fees charges.

VIMB is committed to upholding the Vanuatu Government’s standards and regulations governing the DSP, including due diligence aspects. As the global leader in representing the Program, VIMB offers professionalism, confidentiality and reliability in the management of Citizenship applications.”