Vanuatu Citizenship:

Invest in a Sustainable Future Through CIIP - CNO Future Fund

Vanuatu Citizenship in Just 3 Months!
$115,000 up to a
Family of Four
(+$50,000 Reedemable investment)
Tax Free Country

Fast Processing Time: 60-90 Days to get your Vanuatu Citizenship

Tax Free Country

Pre-Approval Confirmation before sending the full investment

100+ Visa Free/eVisa/On Arrival Countries Including Commonwealth countries, much of SE Asia, and Russia

Single to a Family of four, total investment of $165,000 (all-inclusive)

No Requirement to Visit or Reside in Vanuatu In order to obtain Vanuatu Citizenship

vanuatu passport

CIIP - Vanuatu Citizenship Fees

Single Applicant

USD 115,000

Married Couple

USD 115,000

Family of Three

USD 115,000

Family of Four

USD 115,000

Additional Dependent

USD 25,000


The Due Diligence & Administrative Fee of USD 8,000 (non-refundable) is submitted with the Stage One documents. Covers all family applicants.

Under this investment-linked program, an additional commitment of USD50,000 to the CNO Future Fund is required, redeemable plus ROI after five years.

The “fulfilment fee” of USD 2,000 payable for passport production, Ceremony organisation and document delivery for up to a family of four is included in the citizenship fee. (USD 1,500 per additional dependent).

Vanuatu Citizenship Application Process

Step 1: Pre-approval and eligibility assesment by VIMB Management

Step 2: Service Agreement sign and First Stage documents collection, fees requested

Step 3: First Stage application processing by the Financial Intelligence Unit with due diligence checks

Step 4: Due Diligence (First Stage) approval

Step 5: Second Stage documents collection and submission to Vanuatu Citizenship Commission Office, fees requested

Step 6: Citizenship Commission Office meeting and screening for approval

Step 7: Citizenship approval and certificates printing

Step 8: Oath Ceremony of Allegiance (Via Zoom)

Step 9: Passport issuing

Step 10: Share Certificate Issuance and documents distribution

Application process total duration: From submission of due diligence documents to passport issuance can be as little as 60-90 days, subject to all documents being in order, and payments cleared.

Introducing the CNO Future Fund

The overall objective of the CNO Future Fund is to establish a meaningful and effective link between Vanuatu’s sustainable development objectives, it’s commitment to 100% renewable electricity generation and the funds generated by Vanuatu’s CIIP Citizenship By Investment program.

Support Vanuatu’s 2030 Carbon Net Zero Goals

Invest directly into the promising Coconut Oil (CNO) sector.

Stimulate local economy and job creation.

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VIMB has been helping clients around the world to process their Vanuatu Citizenship

Features of the Vanuatu Citizenship Program

Great Tax Benefits

No personal taxation; no wealth tax, inheritance tax, gift tax, capital gains tax, or income tax

Minimal Requirements

No residency requirements, no tests or interview requirements

Family Friendly

The entire family is eligible for Vanuatu citizenship

Bitcoin payment accepted

We provide solutions for you to obtain the Vanuatu Citizenship

Getting to Vanuatu

Just 2.5 hours flight from Australia and 3.5 hours flight from New Zealand

Fast Turnaround

Receive your citizenship within two-three months

List of Visa Free or Visa On Arrival Countries for Vanuatu Citizens & Passport Holders

Asterisk mark (*): visa-free subject to temporary suspension

Vanuatu Citizenship FAQ

There’s an initial due diligence fee of USD 8,000, which is non-refundable. Following this, the citizenship fees start at USD 107,000 covering from a single applicant to a family comprising up to four members. And finally, Capital guaranteed investment in the CNO Future Fund – USD50,000 (Redeemable after 5 years). If you wish to include more dependents beyond this, additional fees will apply.

The CIIP was launched by the Vanuatu Government in 2023 to invite high-net-worth individuals to invest in and become citizens of Vanuatu. The program helps fund the country’s development.

Vanuatu citizenship offers visa-free travel to 100+ countries, tax benefits, a quick application process, and inclusion of family members. Plus, there’s a low investment starting from $165,000 (all-inclusive).

Newborns and spouses can apply as Add-ons if the main applicant is already a Vanuatu Citizen

No, applicants do NOT need to travel to Vanuatu to apply for Vanuatu Citizenship.

Certainly, the DSP and CIIP both offer pathways to Vanuatu citizenship through financial contributions but differ primarily in investment nature and cost:

  • DSP: Requires a non-refundable donation, costing USD 185,000 for a family of four, and is used for various developmental purposes across Vanuatu.
  • CIIP: Involves a USD 165,000 all-inclusive fee for 1-4 family members and includes a USD 50,000 investment into the “CNO Future Fund,” which is redeemable after 5 years, effectively reducing the overall cost of citizenship. This fund specifically aids in the development of the coconut oil sector to meet Vanuatu’s 2030 carbon net zero goals.

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