VIMB Group

Vanuatu Investment Migration Bureau Group

VIMB cooperates with a select number of Vanuatu Government Centres which are each accredited to work and support the Development Support Program with post-citizenship solutions, investment opportunities, and consular and government services.  The VIMB Group provides a truly direct channel not only for the DSP processing but for any other specific service before and after obtaining the citizenship.

VIMB Group Members:

VIMB Services Ltd – Master Agent

The Vanuatu Investment Migration Bureau (VIMB) is a Government Master Designated Agent with its own operation’s team based in Port Vila, Vanuatu –  which means VIMB is a licensed Master Agent to handle and process Citizenship applications directly with the Vanuatu Citizenship Commission.

VIMB is the only Designated Agent with its own global network of authorized representatives/offices for promotion of Vanuatu’s Citizenship by Investment Program – the Vanuatu “Development Support Program” (DSP)”. VIMB provides the only truly end-to-end DSP processing service – from document submission to passport distribution. We control the entire process to give you peace of mind, security and integrity. 

VIMB Ltd – PR Program License

In July 2020, The Vanuatu Government licensed The Vanuatu Investment Migration Bureau (VIMB) to manage and distribute its Permanent Residency Program globally.

In 2021 VIMB is broadening the PR Program scope as a global initiative to attract all skilled workers, investors and entrepreneurs who can make a contribution and long-term commitment to Vanuatu, in turn leading to Naturalization and Vanuatu Citizenship.

Vanuatu Citizenship Services Centre – VCSC

The Vanuatu Citizenship Services Centre (VCSC) fulfils the needs of the growing global community of Citizens of Vanuatu who require basic Consular-type services – such as passport replacements, visas, National ID cards etc.

In addition to Consular-type support, VCSC is positioned to offer other commercial resources for Citizens under the Development Support Program (DSP) and Vanuatu Contribution Program (VCP) – such as Corporate Formation, Bank Account opening and other “Post-Citizenship” Services (PCS).

Together, these services support Government objectives for the development of Vanuatu, and enable greater operational efficiencies for the Vanuatu Government in the provision of essential Citizenship-related Services around the World.

Vanuatu Investment Liaison Office – VILO

VILO is a Vanuatu Government endorsed channel for the engagement of Vanuatu Citizens under the Development Support Program (DSP) with the aim of promoting both inbound and outbound Trade and Investment with Vanuatu.

In addition, through its promotional activities, the Vanuatu Investment Liaison Office will seek to raise awareness of the great beauty of Vanuatu as a tourist or retirement destination, to encourage and support greater visitor numbers.