Due Diligence

“The client should provide copies of the passport for the citizenship with which they will be applying. This will depend on their current residency and we can tailor the case accordingly. In short, they will apply with one citizenship.

Please consult with VIMB if the applicant already holds more than one citizenship.”

No Apostille is required.

The certification can be done by a lawyer, notary, Justice of the Peace/Commissioner of Oaths, or a Chartered Accountant/CPA.

The simplest is a lawyer’s “certified true copy”.

The nomination form only needs to be signed by the applicant. Certification of the signature is not required.

The main applicant will need to sign in three boxes on the form, and for family applications, they will also sign for their underage children.

A witness is required to confirm the identity of the person signing the form. The same witness can sign for all applicants.

We require the police clearance certificate to be a certified original or a scanned, certified true copy of the original.

In some cases, where the Police Records Certificate is issued digitally, a certified true copy will be required too.

No, the CV does not need to be signed. This document is for informative purposes only by the FIU for due diligence support, and is used to provide self-declared background information on the applicants.

For family applications, both the main applicant, spouse and adult dependents (18+) require to submit their CVs. It is understood that adult dependents and spouse may have little career record.

In this case, Name, date/place of birth, educational history, any work history can be recorded. It is understood that this document could be brief.

Yes, each applicant aged 18 and above should provide a certified copy or certified translation to English of a Police Clearance Certificate (PCC).

Siblings of the main applicants are generally not allowed in the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program. However, consult with VIMB for specific cases where there may be special circumstances.

Siblings under the main applicant (children) are allowed. It’s important to discuss each case individually to explore all possible options, especially with the CIIP option.

Adult children are allowed until the age of 25 if they are studying or still dependent on their parents.

However, there are exceptions to this where aged over 25, and even 30 years of age have been admissible, so it is best to consult with VIMB before giving a full answer to the client.

It is important to note that for children older than 25, the main applicant must demonstrate how their children still depend on them.

Main Applicants can include their parents. Grandparents of the main applicant are generally not allowed to apply with them, but consult with VIMB for case-by-case consideration.

The main applicant does not need to prove the financial dependence of their parents if they are over 55. However, each case is unique and will be assessed based on individual circumstances.

Occasionally dependent parents are under 55, and with the appropriate declaration, may be admitted.


Yes, you can add additional applicants to your application at certain stages, and you can also withdraw applicants depending on the status of the application.

We recommend applying as a family to avoid these situations. Please consult with us for further guidance.

As a rule, once the FIU Stage has been completed, family members cannot be added without the payment of a further FIU fee.

Yes, children and spouses can apply for citizenship in Vanuatu as Add Ons if the main applicant is already a Vanuatu Citizen under the DSP or CIIP program.

In other cases, we need to check the possibility of including them during the application, but it is not guaranteed.

The due diligence process typically takes around seven working days, although it may occasionally take longer.

Note also that the FIU may come back with adverse findings and seek more information/clarification which can extend the process.

After passing the due diligence (First Stage), the client will receive a Probity Check Letter with the results. After that, If they pass the Citizenship application (Second Stage), they will then receive an Approval in Principle Letter if they have already paid in full.

If payment has not been completed, then a verbal approval in principle may be possible if the full documentation (Stage One & Stage Two) has been submitted to the Citizenship Commission.

Yes, this information applies to both the DSP and CIIP options. However, we can make adjustments on a case-by-case basis.

For parents, the automatic qualifying age as a dependent is 55. There is no need to prove financial dependency, however, birth certificates are required.

At the moment, Russian and Belarusian nationals can apply for any Vanuatu Citizenship programme unrestricted. If there are any changes, we will inform you.

However, for Russian/Belarusian applicants, the National Bank of Vanuatu might request extra compliance information when clearing the funds remitted to pay for Citizenship. This is on a case-to-case basis and the information and requirements may vary. 

The Citizenship Nomination Checklist and Nomination Forms for the CIIP are identical to the DSP, but there are two additional forms required for the CIIP. in order to process the investment portion of the Citizenship Fee. Once we have a case on board, we can send the necessary forms.

Parents and spouses can be included in the application, and the required documents are listed in the checklist.

Yes, adult children should be full-time students or interns or have some reason for being unable to work, but each application will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

Yes, it is possible for another person to sponsor your participation in the program.

The sponsor for the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program can be either a company or a physical person. Additionally, the sponsor and the main applicant do not need to be related.

Yes, you can include immediate family members such as parents, spouses, or children in the completed application. This is known as an “add-on” option in the Post Citizenship Services.

It is advisable to check with VIMB. The police clearance generally needs to have a validity of 6 months. The Bank may strictly adhere to this for funds clearance.

Yes, The Citizenship Commission Office does accept documents signed with an electronic digital signature (EDS). The Certificate of no criminal record issued by the Spanish Ministry of Justice, which contains a Verification code, is also accepted. This format is widely accepted for business purposes and will be recognized in Vanuatu.

Yes, it is possible to attach your company’s license, laboratory, and test center accreditation certificates to the application to confirm your good reputation. Please provide corporate documents to support your business ownership.

Bank references are helpful. Please provide the most recent bank letters. VIMB will advise on a case by case basis.

While certificates of income and tax payments for the last 10 years are helpful, they are not entirely necessary for an application. Instead, please provide a certified copy of a personal asset report using our provided template, as this is the required proof of assets for the citizenship application.

No, it is not necessary to attach a certificate from the tax office stating that there are no tax debts to the application.

The nomination forms are required for all applicants, and all pages must be completed. For the Main Applicant, the first and third pages need to be signed. It’s important to have a witness signing the forms too, who can be anyone other than an applicant.

No, apostilles are not required for the certification of the bio page of your passport and ID/driver’s license. You can have these documents certified by a lawyer as “true copies”.

Yes, it is a free-form file, but we can provide a sample for you.

A certified true copy certification will be sufficient for the police clearance reports from your country of birth and residence. Where obtaining Police Clearance from place of birth is problematic, please consult VIMB.

All foreign language documents must be officially translated into English as certified translations.

The place of birth should be stated as USSR, as per the passport and birth certification.

Yes, your current address can be different from the country that issued your passport. Your permanent address is where you have lived most of your life, while your current address is where you currently live. Please consult VIMB for advice on the most appropriate way to complete the address section.

2nd Stage

Yes, The investment payment is made to the VIMB account at the same time as the submission of the set of documents. We can raise the invoice before to ensure timely processing.

The investment (Stage Two) invoice is raised only after the due diligence has been successfully completed. The remainder of the citizenship application is a document-gathering exercise which, together with the due dligence clearance are considered by the Citizenship Commission during their bimonthly (two weeks) sittings.

The investment payment is 100% refundable should, for any reason (but most unlikely) the citizenship be unable to complete.

Yes, it is allowed to receive payments from Russian banks to your bank account in Dubai, as long as the banks are non-sanctioned and permitted by the UAE. However, it may be on a case-by-case basis. We suggest where possible to initiate payments from outside of Russia.

Yes, that is correct. A certified true copy of residential address is required.

The medical certificate must be signed by a doctor or clinic and be on headed paper or at least with a medical practicioners stamp, but a certified true copy is not required.

No, the passport nomination form doesn’t need to be certified. But it requires a signature from a witness.

The official translation with a signature and stamp from the translation company or official translator will suffice.

You can prepare the asset report yourself and have it certified. The asset report is a summary of your assets/goods. VIMB can provide a sample document format to copy.

You can request a six-month bank statement from your bank and have it stamped and certified by a lawyer. If your bank only issues digital statements, you can certify them via a lawyer.

You can fill out the application form for the first stage without providing the documents listed in the 2nd stage.

To speed up the process, it is recommended to prepare Stage Two during preparation of Stage One so as to have everything ready, complete, and signed reacy for submission once Stage One due diligence completed.

The medical certificate should be letterheaded and properly identified, but the most important thing is the stamp and signature from the clinic or doctor/specialist. Specific tests are not required.

Photos are required in digital format only, in high resolution and passport size, with a white background. We do not require printed photos.

For the bank reference, it is necessary for it to be stamped and signed by the bank officials, and if possible, with a proper letterhead.

We recommend a minimum of six months of relationship with the bank, but we can revise on a case-by-case basis if it is less.

Account balances are not required.

The employment letter does not need to be certified. It just needs to be on company letterhead and signed by a company official. We understand this may be the applicant himself. VIMB can provide samples of letters.

If the applicant is self-employed or owns a company, they can provide a self-employment letter or documents related to their shareholding.

Additional documents may be required if the applicant includes their companies on the asset report, such as trade licenses or confirmation of shareholding, all of which must be certified. We can provide a sample self-employment letter if needed.

It is recommended that the applicant consult with VIMB to understand how to compile the asset report, which can be a simple self-declared list of cash at bank, property, shares/investments and other assets.

A mimimum net worth of USD250,000 will be required, USD400,000 is normal and circa USD1M a higher degree of net worth.

The asset report can be certified by a lawyer, notary, Justice of the Peace/Commissioner of Oaths, or a Chartered Accountant/CPA. The report must be signed by the main applicant. No Apostille is required.

It is not mandatory to indicate the amount of cash in hand or in a safe if the applicant mainly keeps their cash in a bank account. The asset report should ideally contain circa USD 400,000 total amount of assets, and the main applicant can choose how to distribute it.

The applicant may disclose all of his companies, including those from which he receives significant dividends, but supporting documents for these companies may be required for the asset report. It is best therefore to consult with VIMB. The main objective is to establish a minimum net worth, not to declare all personal assets and holdings.

The applicant need disclose only one bank account, preferably the oldest one and one where a bank reference letter can be obtained.

he Citizenship Commission Office values a strong relationship with a financial institution more than the amount of money in the client’s bank accounts. It is recommended to consult with VIMB if the applicant has more than one account.


Payment for the Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program is divided into two stages: Stage One due diligence fees and Stage Two citizenship investment fees.

Both payments are required to be made upfront. In the case of the Stage One fee it is non-refundable. Stage Two is fully refundable should the citizenship not complete.

While we typically do not offer installment options, we can consider special circumstances where payments are staggered.

The amount for the Due Diligence (First stage) is the same for all family sizes. It applies to all adults (+18) in one application and takes around one week. The FIU fee is non-refundable.

Yes, the administrative and fulfilment fees are already included in the CIIP investment of USD 130,000 for a family of four. The total cost for a family of four would be USD 138,000, with the fulfilment fees already included in this amount.

The redemption amount for the CIIP is targeted at USD50,000, plus any capital appreciation of the redeemable preference shares. This is a commercial investment and performance of the fund is not guaranteed. Full details of the fund operation are contained in the CNO Future Fund Prospectus.


The citizenship application process is the same for both the DSP and CIIP options. The main difference is the investment component, which is processed after the application is fully approved. For more detailed information, please refer to the CNO brochure.

The Official Gazettes for the CIIP are documents that contain important regulations and amendments related to the Capital Investment Immigration Plan. These include Order No. 8 of 2023 dated 30 January 2023, Order No. 92 of 2023 dated 27 June 2023, and Order No. 93 of 2023 dated 27 June 2023.


Vanuatu citizens have the right to live, work, and study without restriction in Vanuatu.

Yes, free public education is available for citizens in Vanuatu to a certain extent, however most non-native residents of Vanuatu elect for an education at the International School in Port Vila.

Yes, Vanuatu citizens have access to free or subsidized healthcare to a certain extent. However, private medical insurance is highly recommended – and indeed it is expected that citizens under the investment program should have sufficient net worth to afford their own insurance cover.