Vanuatu Permanent Residency Program

Vanuatu – a South Pacific Island nation with a proud history stretching back many thousands of years. Since achieving independence in 1980, Vanuatu has forged a strong national identity and experienced steady growth and development.

A proudly “non-aligned” nation, Vanuatu welcomes people from all over the world and was a pioneer in creating and offering a PR Program to attract donations from qualified investors to support the country’s development.

Vanuatu now seeks to generate further investment and economic benefits for the country by attracting a select group of qualified migrants who seek a new life in a country which prides itself as being “Crime-Free – Coivd-Free – Tax-Free”.

In July 2020, The Vanuatu Government licensed The Vanuatu Investment & Migration Bureau (VIMB) to manage and distribute Vanuatu Permanent Residency Through Investment Program globally.

Our initial aim was to cater in particular to South Africans who wish to relocate to the Australia/NZ locality, in the knowledge that South Africans represent a highly skilled and adaptable resource. The so-called “SA-VU PR Program” was launched in late 2020 and has already generated considerable interest.

In 2021 VIMB is broadening the PR Program scope as a global initiative to attract all skilled workers, investors and entrepreneurs who can make a contribution and long-term commitment to Vanuatu, in turn leading to Naturalization and Vanuatu Citizenship.

Features of the Vanuatu Permanent Residency Program

Hong Kong

中文/English. 微信/Telegram: vimbvu

Permanent Residency Agent Certificate

Vanuatu Permanent Resident Identity Card Sample

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