Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment

Fast Processing Time
Tax Free Country
No requirement to Visit or Reside to obtain Citizenship

Fast Processing Time: 45-60 Days to get your Vanuatu Citizenship

Tax Free Country

Pre-Approval Confirmation before sending the full investment

100+ Visa Free/eVisa/On Arrival Countries Including Hong Kong and Singapore

Hereditary Citizenship

No Requirement to Visit or Reside in Vanuatu In order to obtain Vanuatu Citizenship

vanuatu passport

Vanuatu Citizenship Application Process

Step 1: Pre-approval and eligibility assesment by VIMB Management

Step 2: Service Agreement sign and First Stage documents collection, fees requested

Step 3: First Stage application processing by the Financial Intelligence Unit with due diligence checks

Step 4: Due Diligence (First Stage) approval

Step 5: Second Stage documents collection and submission to Vanuatu Citizenship Commission Office, fees requested

Step 6: Bank Clearance of the funds

Step 7: Citizenship Commission Office meeting and screening

Step 8: Citizenship approval and certificates printing

Step 9: Oath Ceremony of Allegiance

Step 10: Passport issuing and distribution

Application process total duration: From submission of due diligence documents to passport issuance can be as little as 45-60 days, subject to all documents being in order, and payments cleared.

Vanuatu Citizenship FAQ

The Fee is a donation and administration cost. This can be verified on the Government’s Vanuatu Citizenship Commission website.

Vanuatu Citizenship can only be applied for and processed through an officially appointed DSP Representative. The Vanuatu Investment Migration Bureau (VIMB) exists to provide a credible, reliable and sustainable global channel for the promotion of the DSP Program and provide a platform for the Officially Appointed Representatives to present from.

Application for DSP Citizenship is through invitation and all applicants need to pass a stringent probity process to ensure they meet the desired Vanuatu Citizenship profile that Vanuatu is looking for.

Vanuatu Citizenship By Investment Program is open to parents/grandparents plus children. Vanuatu Citizenship is hereditary.

No, applicants do NOT need to travel to Vanuatu to apply for Vanuatu Citizenship.

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VIMB has been helping clients around the world to process their Vanuatu Citizenship

Features of the Vanuatu Citizenship Program

Vanuatu Citizenship Program

(Still) The only Citizenship program in the Asia-Pacific Hemisphere

No Need to Travel to Vanuatu

No requirement to visit or to reside in order to obtain the Citizenship

Hereditary Citizenship

You can secure the future of your Family with the Vanuatu Citizenship Program

Bitcoin payment accepted

We provide solutions for you to obtain the Vanuatu Citizenship

Getting to Vanuatu

Just 2.5 hours flight from Australia and 3.5 hours flight from New Zealand

Fast processing Time

Simple and Quick Process to get your Vanuatu Citizenship (around 45-60 days)

List of Visa Free or Visa On Arrival Countries for Vanuatu Citizens & Passport Holders

Asterisk mark (*): visa-free subject to temporary suspension

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