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Acquire Vanuatu Citizenship From USD $130,000

Visa Free Access to 127 Countries

Including Schengen Area and UK.

Simple and Quick Process

Only 2 Stage Process to get your Citizenship

Government Designated Agent

No 3rd-Party Agents. We are your direct channel to Vanuatu Citizenship

Government Mandated Prices

USD$130,000 for a Single Applicant and USD180,000 for a Family of 4

Vanuatu Citizenship Program

(Still) The only Citizenship program in the Asia-Pacific Hemisphere

Bitcoin payment accepted

We provide solutions for you to obtain the Vanuatu Citizenship

No Need to Travel to Vanuatu

No requirement to visit or to reside in order to obtain the Citizenship

Getting to Vanuatu

Just 2.5 hours flight from Australia and 3.5 hours flight from New Zealand

Hereditary Citizenship

You can secure the future of your Family with the Vanuatu Citizenship Program

Fast processing Time

Simple and Quick Process to get your Vanuatu Citizenship (around 45-60 days)

Visa Free or Visa on arrival Countries list for Vanuatu Passport Holders

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