Vanuatu Citizenship Application Process

Vanuatu Citizenship Application in Two Simple Steps

Vanuatu Citizenship Application Process in Two Simple Steps

Initial Due Diligence

This step is carried out by the Vanuatu “Financial Intelligence Unit” (FIU). leading to the issue of a letter of acceptance (essentially an “Approval in Principle”).
The FIU process is relatively fast – Normally seven to ten days. It results in a letter being produced to confirm the applicant is cleared for Citizenship subject to completing the remaining formalities.
The Due Diligence Fee of USD5,000 (non-refundable) needs to be submitted with the Step One documents.


DSP Nomination Form
First Stage

Personal Profile including Education and Employment History

Passport Copy - Bio Page
(Certified Copy)


Police Clearance from Place of Residence
(Certified Copy)

Identity Card or Driver License
(Certified Copy)


Police Clearance from Place of Origin
(Certified Copy)

Full Document Submission

The full fee needs to be remitted at time of submission of Step Two – Full Document Submission.

You will be provided with a series of documents which take you through the application process in detail:

DSP Client Nomination Check List: This is a “Tick-box” form to track applicant’s own progress of document submission.

DSP Nomination Forms: These are the forms which the applicant completes at the start of the process. The forms are as following: Principal Candidate, Spouse, Child, and Dependent Resident.


DSP Nomination Form
Second Stage

Proof of Current Residential Address
(utility bill, etc.)

Birth Certificate or Approved Option


Bank Reference

Declaration Form
(to be completed and signed by VIMB)

Medical Certificate

Asset Report
(Certified Copy)

Employment Letter or Self-Certification

(where available)

FIU Finantial Intelligent Unit

FIU Report
(VIMB to submit)


1 HD Digital Photo

Six Months Bank Statements
(Certified Copies)

3 Professional References

The Final Step: The Ceremony

The final step is the attendance at an Oath-Swearing Ceremony. This will be witnessed by the Vanuatu Government’s appointed Commissioner for Oaths.
In this ceremony the new Citizen receives their Certificate of Vanuatu Citizenship as well as their new Vanuatu Passport.