Vanuatu Citizenship

DSP Application in TWO SIMPLE Steps

Initial Due Dilligence

This step is carried out by the Vanuatu "Financial Intelligence Unit" (FIU). leading to the issue of a letter of acceptance (essentially an "Approval in Principle").

Full Document Submission

A second administrative process to ensure that the Vanuatu Government has all the documents required to complete the Honorary Citizenship process.

Initial Due Dilligence

The FIU process is relatively fast – Normally seven to ten days. It results in a letter being produced to confirm the applicant is cleared for Citizenship subject to completing the remaining formalities.

NOTE: The Due Diligence Fee of US$5,000 (non-refundable) needs to be submitted with the Step One documents.

Full Document Submission

The full fee needs to be remitted at time of submission of Step Two – The full Document Submission.

You will be provided with a series of documents which take you through the application process in detail:

DSP Client Nomination Check List: This is a “Tick-box” form to track applicant’s own progress of document submission.

DSP Nomination Forms: These are the forms which the applicant completes at the start of the process. The forms are as following: Principal Candidate, Spouse, Child, and Dependent Resident.

The Final Step, The Ceremony

The final step is the attendance at an Oath-Swearing Ceremony. This will be witnessed by the Vanuatu Government’s appointed Commissioner for Oats. In this ceremony the new Citizen receives their Certificate of Vanuatu Ctitizenship as well as their new Vanuatu Passport.

Each of the forms are in Two Parts:

  • Part 1: FIU Pre-Approval Form
  • Part 2: Full Document Submission

For Step 1 (FIU Pre-Approval), the requirement is to provide:

  • FIU Pre-Approval Form
  • Passport copy (picture page) – certified/notarized copy
  • ID Card or Driving License – certified/notarized copy
  • Police No Criminal Report – certified/notarized translation when not in English
  • CV/Personal Profile Summary

Part 2:  Full Document Submission

  • Completed and signed DSP Form
  • Medical Certificate
  • Colour photo (1 if soft-copy)
  • Assets Report (certified copy)
  • Employment Certificate (if employed), Bank Reference letter
  • Professional References, Academic Certificate (if applicable)
  • Marriage Certificate
The Vanuatu Passport Application Form (Form PP) also needs to be completed during the application process.   We try to collect this at Stage One or Two if possible – as it is one less thing to manage later on in the process.
We do understand that not everyone can complete the application process exactly as it is set out in the DSP Form as there are many individual variables due to Nationality, age, background etc.  Our agents are expected to use a certain amount of judgement and own pre-screening regarding the individual’s suitability for the Program and to liaise with us for any problem areas. Typical challenges include:
  • No birth certificate: Some countries do not provide, but sufficient detail can often be obtained from their National ID Document.
  • Asset Proof – there can be a certain degree of “self-certification” here. The example of this can be found in the Drop Box folder of sample documents.
  • Employment Certification – where the individual is a business owner, this may not be possible to provide, but that will be clear from the individual’s own CV/Personal Profile Summary.

It is advisable to liaise closely with VIMB during the application process – which we will drive on the Government side, and help to manage any aspects that are the cause of any uncertainty for the applicant.


The applicant submit to VIMB the required documents and the FIU fee to start the process. VIMB collects the Fee ( $5000)  and the documents and submit to the FIU ( Financial Intelligence Unit) for clearance.


VIMB review the full documentation and the payment clearance, then the application is submitted to the Citizenship Commission which convenes twice a month. Application Form must be received 8 days prior to Citizenship Committee meeting.


After Citizenship Commission approves the Application, an Agreement in Principle (AIP) is issued to the Representative. AIP process is 7 to 14 days.


Once the applicant get the confirmation of no adverse findings by FIU,then a “pre-approval” is granted. The  applicant is advised by VIMB to provide full documentation and prepares for the full payment.


Screening Committee considers the Application one day before the Citizenship Commission meets and makes a recommendation to the Citizenship Commission.


The final step is the Applicant taking their Oath. This will be commissioned by the Vanuatu Government’s Commissioner of Oath. In this ceremony the new Citizen receives their Certificate of Vanuatu Citizenship as well as their new Vanuatu Passport.

WHY SECOND CITIZENSHP: What does a having a Vanuatu Citizenship represent?

Vanuatu Citizenship is  ‘GLOBAL FREEDOM’.

A Vanuatu citizenship provides many things to many people, each looking at their own unique reason for taking up our programme.

  • Second passport – global freedom and privacy in moving around the world
  • Second home for your family – safe and friendly
  • Tax effective country – zero taxes making it a great tax haven
  • Corporate set up and Banking – avoidance of high taxes in their current place of residence by using Vanuatu
  • Remote and private – worried about the world’s pressures and volatility


  • Visa-free to 129 countries – UK & whole of Europe, Russia, Hong Kong, Singapore.
  • The only Citizenship by Investment (CBI) program in the Asia Pacific Hemisphere.
  • Tax-free country.
  • International off-shore finance centre since 1972.
  • International Banks present – such as ANZ Bank, Bred Bank.
  • Simple company and bank account formation procedures.
  • Stable, peaceful country – does not even have an Armed Forces.
  • An English/French speaking British Commonwealth Country.
  • Simple and fast application process – as little as 45 days.
  • Simple, transparent pricing structure. Attractively priced - particularly for family applications.
  • A stunning tropical island nation – both for tourism and living.
  • Low cost real estate – from prime beach front to whole islands for sale.
  • Secure, long term land tenure – all land Government owned and leased.  Nominal rental rates.
  • A country with tremendous economic growth prospects and investment opportunities.