Vanuatu Government Announced the introduction of a New Real-Estate option for Vanuatu Citizenship to the parliament in April 2021.

Vanuatu has finally announced the introduction of another investment option to its Citizenship by Investment Program. Vanuatu’s Development Support Program (VDSP) has proven to be a resounding success by providing an important income for the country which has allowed it to stay afloat during the economic crisis caused by the Covid-19 pandemic.

That is the reason why after much consideration, a Vanuatu Citizenship by Real Estate Investment has been brought to the table. It is being implemented as an important additional option to contribute to Vanuatu’s development by providing more sources of jobs for local citizens, as well as allowing the country to grow from a financial perspective.

The Vanuatu Citizenship by Investment Program has been in operation for four years and it is a program that has had many benefits for both parties; the investor, who obtains the Vanuatu Citizenship and the country, which receives a valuable contribution towards its own development.  

In order to expand the range of options for prospective Citizens under the VDSP, a bill was passed to the Parliament in April 2021 for the revision and later approval of the new Real-Estate option. It’s important to point out that for this investment option to become a reality, some changes must first be made in the legislation.  In addition to the modifications that must be made to Citizenship Program Regulation Orders, there are many aspects that need to be considered as well such as its durability, relevancy in the upcoming years and its capacity to meet international expectations. This new option would give investors the opportunity to invest in Real Estate in Vanuatu to obtain the Vanuatu Citizenship and enjoy the benefits of a Ni-Van Citizen.  

Note: VIMB will publish more details of the Real Estate Option as they become available. 

Source: Christian Henrik Nesheim. “Vanuatu Submitting CBI Real Estate Option Bill to Parliament This month”. April 3rd, 2021: 

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