Vanuatu takes two great steps towards the future reopening of Vanuatu to International Travel

Two hugely encouraging milestones have been reached in recent weeks as Vanuatu looks towards reopening their borders to international travel in the coming months.

According to the Daily Post, the delivery of 24,000 doses of the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine will be crucial to protecting the most vulnerable people in Vanuatu, and points towards the success of the vaccination programme in the United Kingdom as evidence that achieving a return to normality in Vanuatu will rely on the effective distribution of vaccines across the nation.

Thousands of individuals in the country have already pre-registered their interest in receiving the vaccine, indicating that vaccine uptake will be high. The Prime Minister is due to be one of the first to receive the vaccine in order to encourage his fellow citizens to follow suit. 

Furthermore, the announcement of a second stimulus package in order to assist sectors which  have been hit hardest by the pandemic will assist in further stabilising the economy until the  borders can fully reopen. With Vanuatu managing to avoid the worst impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic, with no recorded transmissions of the disease, the nation is in an optimal place to return to business as usual as other nations begin their vaccine roll-out programmes.

Building on these strong foundations, now is an optimal time to obtain Vanuatu Citizenship in order to enjoy the full benefits the country has to offer. With its great success in managing to avoid transmission of COVID-19, Vanuatu will be an ideal place to visit as well as invest in. After successfully avoiding the worst impacts of the virus, Vanuatu is in an extremely strong place for its future development. 

As the country begins the process of opening up again, a sense of optimism amongst citizens and the government is palpable. The economic stimulus package as well as the introduction of thousands of doses for vulnerable citizens indicates that Vanuatu will be on excellent footing for success as the rest of the world begins a slow return to international travel and trade.

Source: Antoine Boulder, Vanuatu Business Review (May 2021)

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