Enhancing Vanuatu’s Kava Export to Australia: Strategies for Growth

Enhancing Vanuatu’s Kava Export to Australia: Strategies for Growth

Vanuatu, a South Pacific island nation, is facing challenges in its kava exports to Australia. Recent statistics from the Australian Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry (DAFF) reveal that Vanuatu is trailing behind Fiji and Tonga in terms of kava exports. To address this discrepancy, a meeting was held to devise strategies that would enhance Vanuatu’s kava export to Australia, raise its profile, and secure a larger market share.

Exploring New Avenues for Vanuatu’s Kava Market Growth:

  • Founder of Australia Kava Shop, Cameron McLeod, emphasized the need to explore new avenues for market growth.
  • The Australian Kava House, an importer of kava products, showcases a range of offerings from Vanuatu, including Kelai kava from Epi, Borogu kava from various islands, Melo Melo from Pentecost, and instant kava from Santo.
  • Vanuatu noble kava is gaining popularity among non-Pacific island heritage Australians due to its milder taste and good euphoric effects.

Utilizing the Kavalytics Machine for Quality Testing:

  • Mr. McLeod proposed using the Kavalytics machine to test the quality of Vanuatu noble kava.
  • The Kavalytics machine offers a quick, inexpensive, accurate, and validated method for assessing the quality of kava.
  • Over 95% of samples can be accurately classified as either beverage grade or non-beverage grade kava by Kavalytics.
  • The machine is available in Port Vila, allowing exporters to conduct quality tests at minimal costs. Australian quarantine officers can also use the device to analyze imported kava upon arrival.

Promoting Vanuatu Noble Kava Through Video Content:

  • Savanah McLeod from the Australian Kava Shop suggested creating video content featuring young Vanuatu artists and video producers.
  • The aim is to increase awareness and boost the profile of Vanuatu’s kava.
  • Local artists such as Mantis and the Matakambu Video Production can be involved in producing the video content.
  • The video can be utilized by vendors worldwide and shared on platforms like YouTube to enhance Vanuatu kava’s profile.

The meeting held at the Australian Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade office in Brisbane was successful in addressing the challenges faced by Vanuatu’s kava industry. Strategies such as exploring new market avenues, utilizing the Kavalytics machine for quality testing, and promoting Vanuatu noble kava through video content were discussed. These innovative approaches and partnerships will help strengthen Vanuatu’s kava industry and regain momentum in the highly competitive Australian market. Vanuatu remains committed to enhancing its kava exports and establishing a larger market share in Australia.

Source: https://www.dailypost.vu/news/vanuatu-strives-to-boost-kava-exports-to-australia-as-fiji-and-tonga-surge-ahead/article_8f93ce5e-8ee2-5ed8-98a9-470851f29f49.html


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