How do I become a permanent resident of Vanuatu?

Long known for its successful Citizenship by Investment Program – the Development Support Program (DSP), Vanuatu’s less well publicized but nevertheless well-established Permanent Residency (PR) Program is worth a look given its simplicity, cost-effectiveness and opportunities for settlement in Vanuatu.

Working together with Vanuatu’s Ministries of Finance, Foreign Affairs and Internal Affairs, Vanuatu Investment & Migration Bureau (VIMB) has devised an attractive program which we hope will draw migrants who wish to make their home in a country that is blessed with magnificent landscapes, a vibrant culture, wonderfully welcoming, English & French-speaking people – and most of all, a sense of “possibility”. 

However, what makes Vanuatu truly unique is that it is a tranquil, untouched paradise – far removed from the troubles of the world. Ecologically pristine, comprising 83 Islands spanning some 1200km north to south, the country has amazing diversity and possibilities for investors, entrepreneurs and skilled workers – in areas as diverse as tourism, agriculture, services.

Starting at USD7,500 for a single applicant, the Vanuatu PR Program is easily accessible for a wide demographic so long as the applicant is able to demonstrate existing investments globally valued at more than 40,000,000 VT (approx. USD350,000), and is able to provide brief details of their investment/business plan for Vanuatu.  Family members can be added for an increment.

With a simple application and screening process managed by VIMB, applicants can gain Permanent Residency within 14 days, followed by the issuance of a Permanent ID Card.  With this, the applicant can reside unrestricted in Vanuatu – and after completion of ten-years’ residency can become a naturalised, full “Ni-Vanuatu” Citizen with all benefits, including voting rights.

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