Launched in 2017, Vanuatu’s Citizenship by Investment Program – the Development Support Program (DSP) is governed by a set of Regulation Orders under the Citizenship Act CAP 112.

Citizenship Fees are mandated by the Government and must be charged at no less than the stipulated rates.

These are as follows:

Single Applicant – USD130,000

Couple – USD150,000

Family of Three – USD165,000

Family of Four – USD180,000
Add-on Dependents – case by case

The fee-charging structure is thus wholly transparent.  Under-charging of fees is illegal, and can lead to Citizenship being voided for incorrect procedural processing.

Migration Agents and other Professional Services Firms are permitted to charge additional fees for their advisory services above and beyond the Government mandated minimum fees.

All services firms offering Vanuatu Citizenship must be registered with the Vanuatu Citizenship Commission via a Vanuatu Government Designated Agent.  Registered firms should be able to produce on request a letter of acknowledgement from the Citizenship Commission. 

In order to qualify for consideration for Citizenship by the Citizenship Commission, applicants must first pass a due diligence screening undertaken by the Financial Intelligence Unit – a department under the State Law Office. Currently the FIU Fee is set at USD5,000 per family application – irrespective of the number of members applying.

The only other fees applicable in the Citizenship Application Process are those to cover the completion of the Citizenship Process, namely:

– Citizenship Certificate production

– Passport Production

– Oath Swearing Ceremony (Commissioner for Oaths)

– Document courier distribution

A variety of post-citizenship services are also available – such as National ID Card application.

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