Investing in Paradise: Vanuatu’s CNO Future Fund Takes on Coconut Pest to Propel Renewable Energy Vision

Investing in Paradise: Vanuatu’s CNO Future Fund Takes on Coconut Pest to Propel Renewable Energy Vision

Vanuatu, encompassing over 80 picturesque islands in Oceania, faces significant challenges due to natural hazards and climate vulnerabilities. However, this island nation is showing its resilience and commitment to sustainability, particularly evident through its targets for achieving 100% renewable electricity and broader sustainable development goals. A notable stride in this direction is the creation of the CNO Future Fund, brilliantly intertwining the benefits derived from Vanuatu’s Citizenship By Investment Program (CIIP) with its sustainable development missions.

Recently, the CNO Future Fund allocated VT6M (approximately $55,000) to tackle the menace of the Coconut Rhinoceros Beetle (CRB) on Vanuatu’s largest island – Espiritu Santo. The CRB poses a formidable threat to the agriculture sector, predominantly affecting the coconut plantations which are vital for economic and social inclusion in the region. The injection of funds from the CNO Future Fund is set to empower local teams, boosting their efforts in surveillance and interventions aimed at curtailing the beetle infestation to manageable levels.

This financial backing not only underscores the fund’s role in supporting sustainable initiatives but also highlights its commitment to linking the CIIP with Vanuatu’s renewable energy goals. Prospective CIIP participants are required to contribute an additional USD50,000 of their citizenship fee to the CNO Future Fund, with the promise of returns plus ROI after five years. These contributions are integral to Vanuatu’s strategies to fund climate mitigation and adaptation practices in response to the country’s heightened climate change risks.

Moreover, the CNO Future Fund is instrumental in Vanuatu’s transition from diesel to renewable energy sources, specifically coconut oil, for power generation. Initiatives are underway in Port Vila, where, in a pilot project the fund has successfully secured a stable supply of coconut oil to power a 1MW generator. Keen on expanding this capacity, plans are set to increase this to a 2MW output, thereby supporting the government’s vision for a Net Zero status in electricity generation by 2030.

Through efforts like combating CRB and fostering shifts to renewable energy, the CNO Future Fund is making significant contributions towards a sustainable and resilient future for Vanuatu. It exemplifies how directed funding and strategic initiatives can address specific environmental challenges while simultaneously advancing broader sustainable development goals.



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