The Resurgence of Kava Culture in Manples

The Resurgence of Kava Culture in Manples

The renowned Kava Vine has resumed operations after a temporary closure, marking a significant moment for the Manples Community in the peaceful Sarapa area. Leading the revival is Mr. Eddie Edward Dick, a native of the picturesque Lumbukuti village on Tongoa Island, who has breathed new life into the local nakamal scene.

The journey of this nakamal began in earnest last year but faced unforeseen challenges due to the destruction caused by cyclones Judy and Kevin. In the face of adversity, Mr. Dick demonstrated exceptional resilience by reconstructing the nakamal, now featuring nine windows, each with its own story.

The uniqueness of this nakamal lies in its ability to strengthen community ties in Sarapa. With seven of the nine windows operated by various family members from the close-knit community and two reserved for kava enthusiasts from beyond, the establishment aims to enhance community solidarity.

The tradition of gathering in the afternoon to enjoy kava has become a cornerstone of daily life, fostering camaraderie and shared narratives among locals.

Mr. Dick, who runs the first window, is known for providing some of the area’s most potent kava brews. His dedication to his craft involves preparing around 9 to 10 kilograms of kava from Santo each night, ensuring a consistent supply that meets the high demand. This thriving kava business not only maintains the vibrancy of the community but also supports Mr. Dick financially, aiding in covering living costs, educational expenses, and other life necessities.

Through his work with the nakamal, Mr. Dick inspires the younger generation in his community, encouraging them to believe in their potential and abilities. His story is a testament to the power of determination and a focused mindset in overcoming challenges and creating opportunities for both oneself and the community.

The nakamal, with its inviting aroma of kava and the sound of laughter permeating the air, stands as a symbol of hope, resilience, and the unifying force of community and culture. The revival of the Kava Vine in Sarapa celebrates not just a return, but a testament to overcoming adversity through unity and collective effort.

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