Vanuatu to Turkey: Simplified Access now possible with e-Visa

Vanuatu to Turkey: Simplified Access now possible with e-Visa

Turkey, a magnificent nation that straddles both Western Asia and Southeast Europe, has long been a sought-after destination for many travellers. A unique blend of rich history, captivating landscapes, and delectable cuisine has made it a must-visit on many a traveller’s list. Understanding the increasing global interest, the Turkish government has introduced a simplified online visa system for Vanuatu.

What is the Turkey e-Visa?

The Turkey e-Visa, also known as the Turkey Electronic Travel Authorization, is an obligatory travel document for citizens of visa-exempt nations. The electronic system allows tourists, business travellers, and those in transit to easily obtain their visas online without the usualhassle of lengthy processing times or standing in tiresome queues.

The procedure is straightforward. Applicants need to fill out an online form, provide personal, passport, and travel details, and complete the payment online. The approval process is quite speedy, with some applications being approved within 24 hours on platforms like

Visiting Turkey from Vanuatu

For citizens of Vanuatu, the allure of Turkey’s heritage sites, grand ruins, and other historically significant locations is undeniable. While a visa is mandatory, the online e-Visa system has made it hassle-free for ni-Vanuatu. The visa grants a single entry, allowing a stay of up to 30 days, and remains valid for 180 days from the date of entry. The elimination of a physical visit to local embassies is a significant boon for potential travellers.


Turkey’ss e-Visa system represents a modern, traveller-friendly approach to international tourism. As nations like Vanuatu and others find it easier to visit, the bridges of global connection strengthen, fostering understanding and appreciation for the beauty and history that Türkey has to offer.



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