Vanuatu’s Rising Stars: Scouting Futsal Talent for 2028 Olympic Dreams

Vanuatu’s Rising Stars: Scouting Futsal Talent for 2028 Olympic Dreams

Coach Emerson Alcantara has initiated the search for promising futsal talents to represent at the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles, focusing on early talent identification for optimal preparation.

During the recent Vanuatu Football Federation (VFF) Champions League event in Port Vila, the National Youth Coach selected a quintet of players for their exceptional skills. Andriano Viti and Andrew Aru of Lombonowe FC, representing Penama FA, along with Turana Kavik, Martin Gete, and Luke Moses from Coolidge FC of Luganville FA, have been chosen to embark on this prestigious journey.

Alcantara highlighted the importance of starting the training process early and casting a wide net to include talent from both urban centers and remote areas. He stated, “It’s crucial to recognize that talent isn’t confined to cities; there are gifted individuals in rural and island communities waiting to be discovered. Their unique skills and perspectives are vital for our team’s success.”

Nesta Moli, the Team Manager for Coolidge FC, expressed enthusiasm over the selection, noting the positive implications for futsal development within their community. Moli emphasized, “The experience and skills gained from this opportunity will be invaluable. Our players will bring back enhanced techniques and knowledge, fostering the growth of younger athletes within Coolidge FC.”

Echoing this sentiment, Luganville FA Coordinator Tiel Joses acknowledged the motivational boost provided by the players’ selection. Joses believes this achievement not only celebrates their entry into the national championship but also sets a precedent for aspiring athletes, encouraging them to pursue excellence in their sports careers.

With these five players now under Coach Alcantara’s tutelage for the Olympics, there is a growing sense of anticipation for a strong and competitive Vanuatu futsal team poised to leave an impact on the international stage in 2028.

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