Youth of the Pacific Islands CANNOT wait for the Climate Change Action, Vanuatu PM Says

Youth of the Pacific Islands CANNOT wait for the Climate Change Action, Vanuatu PM Says.

Leaders of the South Pacific have been meeting for the Pacific Island Forum this week in Fiji to discuss several topics across the region, such as the promotion of a trading agreement and security with China, the withdrawal of Kiribati from the group and the leading point: Climate Change.

It’s a well-known reality that the region has been economically and socially affected by COVID 19 and its variants, and although nowadays the South Pacific is in a recovery mode from those terrible times, the recovery pace is slow. Meanwhile, the issue of responsibility of great and more powerful nations to consider and respect The Paris Accords for a better and environmentally cleaner home, our earth has been gaining even more attention and prominence. A Climate Change Policy is now a critical consideration in every country, institution, company and community on our planet.

Quoted by Vanuatu Prime Minister, Hon. Bob Loughman Weibur MP: “time seems totally out of step with the reality of climate change’s impact on the lives of Pacific people”. Time flies fast and big industries, manufacturers and even countries are seen to be slow to regulate their huge impact on the environment. We are against the clock on this matter and “Young people simply cannot wait” according to Prime Minister Loughman.

The leaders of the Pacific Island Forum agree and trust that an opinion from the International Court of Justice on this situation will accelerate the actions and commitment of developed nations to support the South Pacific region when funding mechanisms to face the threat of rising sea levels (Climate Funds) are created, and industrial activities are regulated to lower their pollution impact in our world.

Fiji’s leader made it clear, as he told the forum: “… The region was in the clamour to shape the world in their favour” he also called for regional unity to deal with this crisis which affects the South Pacific people.

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