Oath Ceremonies and Vanuatu Passports Distribution during Covid19 period

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, the Vanuatu passports delivery process has endured drastic changes in 2020. VIMB understands the complexity of times we are living right now; therefore, major efforts have been made to continue providing a quality service to their clients until the last stage of the Vanuatu citizenship application process which includes the oath ceremony and the Vanuatu passport delivery.  

Before, Vanuatu Government Officers used to travel in order to be part of the ceremony and they were in charge of handing the Vanuatu passports face-to-face to the clients; but nowadays that is no longer possible. Covid-19 restrictions include traveling restrictions as well, which means that gatherings with Vanuatu Government Officers is completely off the table for the time being.  

VIMB is committed to finding a way to make this possible, and that is the reason why a different plan was put in a trial period to ensure it would meet the clients’ best interests before deciding to make it permanent. The Vanuatu citizenship application process itself has not suffered any modifications; in fact, it was only the delivery process that had to be rearranged. 

Given the travelling restrictions, now the ceremony is held online through videoconferences and the Vanuatu Government is in charge of sending the Vanuatu passports by postal mail; this new delivery method has proven to be highly successful because it has been already carried out a great amount of times without any inconveniences. 

VIMB is well aware of how challenging it is to recreate strategies to be able to conclude the Vanuatu citizenship application process given the actual circumstances and the current sanitary measures taken not only by the Vanuatu government but by governments all around the world, and that is the reason why VIMB’s expertise is at the disposal of the agents that may need it to succeed and to bring solutions to their clients. 

Source: James Harris. “Video-Link Ceremonies and Couriered Passport Distribution for Vanuatu DSP Citizens”. June 18th, 2020

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