VIMB Announces Dubai Office Opening to Facilitate Vanuatu Development Support Program Management

Due to the Development Support Program’s (DSP) rising popularity in the Middle East region, VIMB (Vanuatu Investment Migration Bureau) has announced the opening of its new office in Dubai with the main objective of providing a correct management of the Vanuatu Citizenship program (DSP) in the Middle East and Africa regions.

The Development Support Program has not only been so popular and attractive for potential clients, but also for sub-agents who are including Vanuatu in their programs’ portfolio, which is one of the main reasons why VIMB, as a Vanuatu Government Designated Agent, decided to be based in Dubai, so clients and potential agents can have a trustable and direct source of information of the Vanuatu Citizenship Program in this important region. With its physical presence in the UAE, VIMB wants to promote compliance of the DSP Regulations as set out under the Vanuatu Citizenship Act Cap 112, and in particular, the Regulation Order 33 of April 2019 which sets out the statutes, process and fees of the DSP.

James E. Harris, VIMB Chief executive, addressed some clients doubts about the DSP regulations and the Vanuatu Mandated Investment Fees. He said: “Although it is an exciting period of growth for the Vanuatu DSP, we have seen that there is a lot of confusion surrounding Program Regulations and in particular the matter of fees payable for Citizenship.  Lack of adherence to the Citizenship Commission’s own fee directives by some agents is undermining the credibility of the program and is the cause of some disquiet amongst prospective applicants who are unable to obtain reliable information”. VIMB seeks to reassure clients that they are talking directly to a Vanuatu Government representative and not a third party, so all the information provided regarding the Vanuatu Government Mandated Fees in order to obtain the Vanuatu citizenship should not be subject of doubts under no circumstances.

The Vanuatu Citizenship Commission Office announced an irregular situation a few weeks ago in which there were some unauthorized sub-agents promoting the program at much lower fees than the official mandated fees from the government. This unfortunate situation might anger clients who have obtained their Vanuatu Citizenship by paying the regulated fees established by the government, so in order to make sure there are no doubts about the Vanuatu Investment Fees, important measures are already being taken to ensure the end of these fraudulent acts.


Go to the VIMB Government Mandated Fees page to check the official donation fees established by the Government of Vanuatu.

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