After two years, the gates to a slice of paradise on earth are ready to open: Vanuatu.

After two years, the gates to a slice of paradise on earth are ready to open: Vanuatu.

Clustered in the South Pacific, the archipelago nation is popular in the region for offering an immense range of nature-related activities, and the opportunity to connect with your inner soul in a trip full of adventures among forest, jungle, and blue ocean waters. Moreover, the warm hospitality delivered by its nationals is a charming lure to visit and stay in the Republic of Vanuatu. 

Unfortunately, all these amazing features were restricted to tourists since the global COVID 19 pandemic appeared, and commencing March 2020, the country severely restricted entry for the safety and health of its citizens.   Closed from the outside world, the nation has suffered a long period of isolation, with great losses within the economic infrastructure – particularly in the tourism sector. 

However, we are excited to now share the news that Air Vanuatu is preparing to restart operations as Vanuatu’s border will reopen from July 1st, 2022.  From this date, international tourists will once again be able to enjoy the many wonders of Vanuatu.   Similarly, Virgin Australia is preparing to resume operations from Australia to Vanuatu in 2022, initially from its Brisbane base. 

Air Vanuatu advise that they have been preparing for renewed operations since April, in order to deliver the best service to their customers and, with the expectation of a quick ramping up of demand on the reconstituted Sydney-Port Vila route.

Despite the difficulties it has faced, after a cyclone and severe control measures to avoid the spreading of the pandemic in the country, Vanuatu has been resilient to the challenges it has faced and will swiftly recover its place as one of the South Pacific’s most amazing tourist destinations.

Nowadays, with almost half of the population vaccinated and the impact of Covid-19 coming under control, the country will be open to offering you its pristine land of opportunities to once again asking you to “Answer the call of Vanuatu”!

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