Vanuatu’s Espiritu Santo named in “top 50 Islands” ranking

Joining an interestingly diverse range of islands included in the global company “Big 7 Travel” annual round up of the “50 best islands in the world”, Vanuatu’s Espiritu Santo makes a top 20 appearance at 18th place – just ahead of Lake Bled in Slovenia.

Praised for its unspoilt powdery white beaches and freshwater “Blue Holes”, the iconic Champagne Beach also gets a name check.

Riri Blue Hole, Santo. Vanuatu Tourism.

Also counted amongst the top 20 are some more mainstream and familiar names such as Bali and The Maldives – but equally some more obscure nominees make the list – including Flately (Iceland) and coming in at number 3, the relatively unknown Koh Mak in Thailand.

Topping out the list is Mauritius, with Jamaica at number 2.

With Espiritu Santo’s potential for tourism development already well understood by the Vanuatu Government, this endorsement will be welcomed.  Further, with new projects underway – such as the adjacent Satoshi Island crypto-friendly development (, the accessibility of Espiritu Santo to the wider world should become progressively easier.

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