Paradise of Bliss: Unveiling Vanuatu’s Secret to Ranking as the Happiest Place on Earth

Paradise of Bliss: Unveiling Vanuatu’s Secret to Ranking as the Happiest Place on Earth

Vanuatu, a captivating island nation nestled in the Pacific Ocean, has once again been dubbed the world’s happiest place by the Happy Planet Index. This index evaluates countries on several parameters including self-reported wellbeing, life expectancy, GDP per capita, and environmental impact. Key to Vanuatu’s high ranking are its close-knit communities, stable political landscape, and committed environmental conservation efforts.

Since its inception in 2006 by the New Economics Foundation, the Happy Planet Index has repeatedly highlighted Vanuatu for its sustainable happiness model. Remarkably, it clinched the top spot when first published and in 2021, it earned the second position globally, only surpassed by Costa Rica.

Residents of Vanuatu generally express high life satisfaction levels. It’s important to acknowledge, however, that Vanuatu is still on its development journey, facing hurdles like inadequate infrastructure and limited mental health services. Despite these challenges, the nation’s proactive measures during events such as the 2020 Cyclone Harold and the COVID-19 pandemic have been commendable.

The index methodology primarily sources wellbeing data from the Gallup World Poll, although Vanuatu does not consistently feature in this poll. This makes the Happy Planet Index an essential resource for gauging life satisfaction in Vanuatu compared to other nations, factoring in the ecological footprints and life expectancy.

The Happy Planet Index underscores the crucial balance between achieving happiness and sustainable living. While the well-being indicator provides a snapshot of citizen happiness, it’s juxtaposed against the ecological footprint to signal the importance of environmental responsibility.

In summary, Vanuatu’s recognition on the Happy Planet Index celebrates its cultural ethos centred around community, family values, and altruism. Despite developmental challenges, the nation showcases a commendable level of life satisfaction among its citizens, making it a remarkable study in achieving happiness sustainably. The Happy Planet Index remains a valuable tool for measuring how Vanuatu’s life satisfaction stands relative to other countries.



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